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  • Alon Saggie

Streamline Your Brand Management with the Walmart Brand Portal

In today's competitive marketplace, protecting your brand and intellectual property rights is essential. With the advent of the internet and e-commerce, it has become increasingly challenging to safeguard your brand from counterfeit products and unauthorized use. However, Walmart has recognized this need and developed a powerful tool — the Walmart Brand Portal — to help brand owners effectively manage their intellectual property.

The Walmart Brand Portal offers a comprehensive and streamlined experience for brand management. From registering your brands to submitting intellectual property claims, the portal simplifies the entire process. Let's delve into the features and benefits of this innovative tool.

Manage Your Brand in One Place

One of the standout features of the Walmart Brand Portal is its ability to consolidate all aspects of brand management in a single, unified platform. By logging in to the portal, you gain access to an array of tools and functionalities designed to make your brand management effortless.

Register Your Brands

To register your brands on the Walmart Brand Portal, you need an active trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once you meet this requirement, you can easily register as many brands as you desire. The portal ensures that all your registered brands are centralized and easily accessible, providing a comprehensive overview of your intellectual property assets.

Submit Intellectual Property Claims

The heart of the Walmart Brand Portal lies in its robust claims submission system. Whether you're combating trademark infringement, counterfeit products, copyright violations, or patent infringements, the portal offers a straightforward claims process. With just a few clicks, you can submit your claims and initiate the necessary actions to protect your brand.

The four types of claims you can file through the Walmart Brand Portal are:

  1. Trademark

  2. Counterfeit

  3. Copyright

  4. Patent

The intuitive claim submission form guides you through the process, ensuring you provide the required information efficiently and accurately.

Monitor Everything in One Dashboard

After submitting a claim, the Walmart Brand Portal offers a comprehensive dashboard to monitor the status of all your claims. This dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of your intellectual property protection efforts, allowing you to track and manage every claim you've submitted.

Within the dashboard, you'll find detailed information about each claim, including its current status, updates, and any necessary actions. This centralized view saves you valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to navigate through multiple systems or platforms.

Additionally, the Walmart Brand Portal allows you to authorize third-party representatives to submit claims on your behalf. This feature enables seamless collaboration with trusted partners, making it even easier to protect your brand and intellectual property rights.

Getting Started with the Walmart Brand Portal

Are you ready to experience the benefits of the Walmart Brand Portal? Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to the homepage of the Walmart Brand Portal.

  2. Click on the "Login" button.

  3. Choose the option "Use Seller Center Account."

  4. Enter your Seller Center credentials to log in.

  5. Complete the registration steps by submitting your Company Profile and Brand Details.

By integrating the Walmart Brand Portal with your Seller Center account, you'll enjoy a seamless sign-on experience. This integration allows you to access both platforms effortlessly using a single set of credentials. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing separate logins and streamline your brand management process today.

Utilize Sellegr8 for Enhanced Brand Protection

In addition to the Walmart Brand Portal, brand owners can further enhance their brand protection efforts by leveraging the power of Sellegr8, a leading SaaS platform designed specifically for Walmart Marketplace sellers. Sellegr8 offers a range of features and functionalities that complement the capabilities of the Walmart Brand Portal, providing brand owners with comprehensive brand monitoring and protection.

Listing Monitoring for Brand and Reputation Protection

One of the standout features of Sellegr8 is its Listing Monitoring feature, which enables brand owners to actively protect their brand and reputation on Walmart by continually monitoring their product listings. By keeping a close eye on your listings, you can swiftly identify potential hijackers or unauthorized changes that could harm your brand.

With Sellegr8's Listing Monitoring, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Monitor and Protect Your Brand: Sellegr8's easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor all your product listings in one centralized location. This comprehensive view enables you to proactively identify any suspicious activity and take immediate action to protect your brand.

  • Immediate Response to Threats: Sellegr8 provides 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts, ensuring that you are promptly notified of any potential threats to your brand. This proactive approach enables you to respond swiftly and effectively, mitigating risks before they escalate.

  • Prevention of Fraudulent Product Sales: Counterfeit products not only eat into your profits but also devalue your brand. With Sellegr8, you can actively prevent the sale of fraudulent products on Walmart's marketplace. By staying vigilant and promptly addressing any unauthorized listings, you can maintain the integrity of your brand.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that Sellegr8 has your back gives you peace of mind. By utilizing this powerful tool alongside the Walmart Brand Portal, you can be confident in your ability to protect your brand and reputation effectively.

The Winning Combination: Sellegr8 and Walmart Brand Portal

When combined, the Sellegr8 platform and the Walmart Brand Portal create a formidable duo for brand owners. While the Walmart Brand Portal simplifies the process of registering brands, submitting claims, and monitoring their status, Sellegr8 takes your brand protection efforts to the next level.

By integrating Sellegr8's Listing Monitoring feature with the Walmart Brand Portal, you can ensure comprehensive brand protection across multiple dimensions. With Sellegr8's continuous monitoring and alerts, paired with the centralized management capabilities of the Walmart Brand Portal, you can proactively safeguard your brand from unauthorized use, counterfeit products, and other potential threats.

Together, Sellegr8 and the Walmart Brand Portal provide brand owners with the tools and insights necessary to maintain brand integrity, protect intellectual property, and drive business success on the Walmart Marketplace.

In conclusion, by harnessing the power of Sellegr8 alongside the Walmart Brand Portal, brand owners can establish a robust brand protection strategy. From monitoring and protecting your listings to preventing fraudulent products, this winning combination empowers you to maintain control, preserve your brand's value, and drive growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


  1. Can I register multiple brands on the Walmart Brand Portal? Absolutely! You can register as many brands as you like, provided you have an active trademark registration with the USPTO.

  2. How do I submit an intellectual property claim? Submitting a claim is a breeze with the Walmart Brand Portal. Simply fill out the easy-to-use claim submission form, selecting the appropriate type of claim (trademark, counterfeit, copyright, or patent), and provide the required information.

  3. Can I monitor the status of my claims in real-time? Yes, the Walmart Brand Portal offers a comprehensive dashboard where you can monitor the status of all your claims. Stay updated on the progress of your claims and take necessary actions promptly.

  4. Can I authorize third-party representatives to submit claims on my behalf? Absolutely! The Walmart Brand Portal allows you to authorize trusted third-party representatives to submit claims on your behalf, streamlining collaboration and brand protection efforts.


The Walmart Brand Portal is a game-changer for brand owners seeking to protect their intellectual property rights. With its user-friendly interface, centralized management system, and comprehensive dashboard, the portal simplifies the brand management process like never before.

Register your brands, submit claims, monitor their status, and authorize representatives—all in one convenient platform. With the Walmart Brand Portal, you can safeguard your brand, combat counterfeits, and preserve your intellectual property rights effectively. Embrace this powerful tool today and stay one step ahead in the competitive business landscape.

About the author

​​Alon Saggie is an entrepreneur, Sellegr8's co-founder and a veteran eCommerce seller, who helps other sellers crush it on


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