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Protect Your Brand and Reputation on Walmart by Monitoring Your Listings

Continual monitoring of your product listings with alerts to potential hijackers or listings changes

Hijacker & Product Monitoring

Monitor and protect your brand, all from one easy-to-use dashboard

Immediately respond to threats with 24/7 monitoring and alerts

Prevent the sale of fraudulent products that cut into profits and devalue your brand

Gain peace of mind knowing Sellegr8 has your back

24/7 Monitoring for:


Price changes

Competitors Price Changes

Change in Buybox Ownership

Change in Number of Sellers on Your Listings

Change in Product Titles

Change in Number of Product Reviews

Change in Average Reviews Ratings

And More...

Listing Changes

Expand your eCommerce business onto Walmart with Sellegr8

Try for free. Full access to all features for 14 days.

No credit card required

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