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  • Alon Saggie

The Sellegr8 Scoop - 10/6/2023

Read the latest Walmart Marketplace news, Sellegr8 updates, Walmart selling tips and more

Welcome to this week's edition of The Sellegr8 Scoop, your inside source for increasing Walmart Marketplace sales. Read on for tips, news and insights to help your ecommerce business thrive.

Sellegr8 Product Update

Buyers Names in Orders Page

The Sellegr8 orders page now includes the buyer's name, enabling sellers to search and filter orders by customer name for improved order management.

Walmart Marketplace News

Walmart Marketplace Now Has Over 100,000 Active Sellers As It Goes After Amazon

Walmart Marketplace has reached over 100,000 active sellers, doubling in size over the past year and a half. Walmart approved 10% of applicants monthly on average. This growth mirrors Walmart's efforts to compete with Amazon in ecommerce. Walmart is modeling offerings like its membership program after Amazon while leveraging strengths like in-store fulfillment, which powers 50% of online orders. Marketplace integration with Walmart's stores and supply chain is key to unlocking further growth. Walmart Marketplace now has over 400 million product listings, making seller count less important than meaningful assortment. Walmart aims to continue boosting convenience with fulfillment upgrades enabling fast shipping and modernized "Store of Tomorrow" concepts. The increase in active marketplace sellers signals Walmart's progress in challenging Amazon online. [Read more]

Walmart Marketplace Increases Third-Party Seller Activity

Walmart Marketplace activity by third-party sellers is increasing significantly this holiday season compared to prior years. Sellers are committing more advertising dollars and inventory to Walmart's platform, though still smaller than Amazon's seller base. Walmart has introduced new seller tools and incentives like waived storage fees to facilitate growth. The increased participation makes it more compelling for brands to have a Walmart presence and tap into the traffic from Walmart's 120 million monthly visitors. Walmart aims to better compete with Amazon in marketplaces by improving the experience for third-party sellers. [Read more]

Walmart Marketplace First-Ever Seller Summit

Walmart held its first-ever seller summit for its Marketplace, highlighting the company's commitment to growing the platform. Walmart aims to create the leading marketplace model by partnering with sellers and providing new opportunities like international expansion, dedicated brand stores, and enhanced fulfillment options. The Marketplace offers sellers access to Walmart's hundreds of millions of loyal customers. Walmart is making the platform easier to use and continuing to bridge digital with physical retail. [Read more]

Walmart Selling 101

Updating Your Item Content

Keeping your product listings up-to-date with engaging titles, descriptions, and images is key for providing a great shopping experience on Walmart Marketplace. As a seller, you have a few options for updating your item content:

  • Single Item Update: Quickly edit individual listings via Seller Center's Items dashboard.

  • Bulk Update: Change multiple product listings at once using Seller Center's bulk update tools.

  • API Integration: Developers can update large catalogs programmatically via Walmart's API.

  • Solution Providers: Outsource content updates to a Walmart-approved third party.

However, Walmart ultimately determines which content to display if multiple sellers contribute listings for the same item. Brand owners can request ownership over branded content. Consistently providing quality content that aligns with Walmart's guidelines is the best way to increase visibility.

Get Ready for the Holidays with Sellegr8!

The holiday shopping season will be here before you know it. Make sure your Walmart Marketplace business is prepared to capitalize on this busy sales period by checking out our latest blog post: Navigating the Holiday Sales Season: A Comprehensive Guide for Walmart Marketplace Sellers. Don't leave holiday sales on the table - get the edge with Sellegr8. Click here to access the blog now.

Wishing you a profitable holiday season!

The Sellegr8 Team


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