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Get Visibility and Boost Productivity with Advanced Financial Tools

Take a granular deep dive into your business sales data and boost your team’s performance using the most comprehensive sales management tools.

Key Seller Metrics

Easy-to-understand visual graphs of important sales metrics

Chart your most important Walmart selling metrics with beautiful, real-time graphs

Forecast monthly sales based on past monthly trends

Address product issues by identifying SKU-specific refund patterns


Easy-to-read graphs and dashboards with

  • Number of Orders

  • Number of Items Sold

  • Number of Refunds

Forecasting algorithm for the current month’s performance

Product-level filtering

Key Seller

User-Friendly Order Management

Search, track and take action on orders with advanced order management tools

Fully synced orders and customer data

Quickly track orders for stellar customer service

Order management fully integrated with email automation tools for fine-tuning communications based on product needs and buyer behavior


​Rapidly search/find orders using various identifiers

Locate important order details from the Order List dashboard

Order Page Insights & Features:

  • Detailed order and customer information

  • Track package delivery status and details

  • Send instant email to customers directly from the order page

  • Block order or buyer from getting future automated emails

Order Management

Export Orders

Own your buyer data for advanced marketing

Download orders and buyer history to create Facebook audiences

Re-target existing customers with upsell opportunities

Create lookalike audiences based on existing customers pool and lower your customer acquisition cost


Download orders by:

  • Date range

  • Specific Products

  • Your entire catalog

Filter to include or exclude refunded orders

Download all data or only the required Facebook Audiences creation subset

Export Orders

Expand your eCommerce business onto Walmart with Sellegr8

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