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Discover the Ultimate Shopping Secret With Walmart Price History Extension!

Tired of overpaying? Get the insider scoop on Walmart prices with the new Price History Tracker for 

Unlock a Year's Worth of Price History Data!

Shop Smarter & Save Big

This handy extension reveals a product's price fluctuations over the past year, so you can see if that "sale" price is really a steal or just hype. No more getting duped by clever marketing tricks!
With Walmart Price History Tracker, you'll shop smarter and save big.

See how low prices have dropped in the past and decide if it's worth waiting for another price drop. Or, snap up true bargains when you spot rock-bottom prices.

Insight into price trends empowers you to make informed purchases. You'll know whether to buy now or hold out for a better deal.

Stay Ahead with Price Drop Notifications (Coming Soon!)

Monitor Price Drops with Real Time Notifications

We're not stopping at history—future updates will introduce real-time price drop notifications!

Be the first to know when your favorite products go on sale, ensuring you never miss a deal again. Stay ahead of the shopping game effortlessly.

Shop savvier and keep more cash in your wallet with Price History Tracker.

One click installs this free extension that puts the power of price history data at your fingertips.


Stop Overpaying

Shop Smarter & Save Big on Items

No credit card required

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